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38 Jervois


The truth is that there are quite a few things which are going to make a huge importance and difference when purchasing a residential property in a new condo launch. Keep in mind that Singapore is among the most quickly developing cities on the face of the earth as well as one which is redefining the nature and meaning of innovation. With bold implementations, beautiful execution and design beyond comprehension, the 38 Jervois condo launch is the embodiment of the spirit of Singapore. With this in mind, we’ve taken the liberty of providing you with the necessary information about the entire project and why it’s one of the best places to invest in a residential property.


Project Overview

38 Jervois is definitely inspired by the concept of the perfect home which is designated to be preserved and passed on to the next generation. It’s quite clear that the idea for smart living is synced with the dynamic as well as tremendously fast-paced lifestyle of the contemporary and modern city that is Singapore. It places a proper emphasis as well as functionality in equal measures with proper distribution and utilization of space, textures and interesting lights. It is without a doing a project which strikes as a perfectly balanced interpretation of the sophisticated modern life as well as the rather tropical enchantment which is most certainly characteristic of the region and the city.

The truth is that there are quite a lot of different reasons for which you might want to take into account an freehold investment of the kind. For that matter, we’ve managed to synthesize some of the most important ones in order to quickly and conveniently provide you with a concise summary so that you can make an informed choice.

  • Location, location, location

For those of you who are aware of the golden rule of real estate, there is no further need of explanation. However, if you are wondering what this is all about, 38 Jervois defines the meaning of top location. It is conveniently tucked in the most prestigious location which bears quite rich history. It’s a freehold in the tremendously glamorous Prime district 10 and it is about 5 minutes drive away from the Orchard shopping belt as well as the Clarke Quay and the CBD. It is also 10 minutes away from the Redhill MRT by foot and it’s very close to the Bioplis, Fusionpolis and the One-North. Basically, if location is what you are looking for in a property, this unit is definitely bringing it on.

  • Contemporary designs

Of course, when purchasing a brand new real estate, you want it to represent the modernistic yet rather tropical appeal that Singapore has to offer. 38 Jervois manages to bring it quite conveniently. With an abundance of green terrain around the block, there is plenty of nature to enjoy. Furthermore, the interior of the apartments are designed with modern yet incredibly emphasizing roof-to-floor windows in order to provide you with tremendous amounts of light in the premise and picturesque vistas which are definitely breathe taking – to say the least.



This particular project in District 10 is going to feature 27 total units – 21 of which are considered typical and 6 of them are penthouses. The end date is intended to be before the year 2018 and the site area is going to take approximately about 14,800 square feet. There are 28 parking lots.

In any case, it’s clear enough that this particular development is going to be among the most contemporary ones in the entire city. With a fewer amount of units incorporated, the entire idea is to create something that’s going to bring tremendous amounts of comfort, cozy and appeal. Prominent Land is a developer which places the emphasis towards individuality and 38 Jervois is the example. The main designation of the development is to provide each customer with high-end luxurious estate that can be passed on from one generation to another for years to come. With all this being said, it’s definitely worth taking a look at.

The high ceilings, on the other hand, are delivering the much needed feeling of comfort to the residents. What is more, the hanging bedrooms are innovative, space saving, comfortable and particularly interesting. The Thirty Eight Jervois is incredibly quite, comfortable, cozy and has a great swimming pool for the residents. It’s definitely the next step in fine living.


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Showflat Location

38 Jervois Floor Plan

38 Jervois is an idol home flat that everyone would wish to have for their future generation. The smart living concept of this condominium perfectly syncs with the fast-paced and evolving lifestyle of the urbanites, emphasising form and function in equal measures with interplay of light, space and textures. 38 Jervois sits in a tranquil, landed neighbourhood in District 10, keeping it close to the city and far from the madding crowd. If you are planning to get 38 Jervois please go through its property details and make the decision of your need.

Type Size
1 Bedroom                  44 sqm / 474 sft
1 Bedroom penthouse  65 sqm / 700 sft                  
2 Bedroom 60 sqm / 646 sft
2 Bedroom penthouse 84 sqm / 904 sft
3 Bedroom                                                      76 sqm / 818 sft
2+1 Bedroom penthouse 102 sqm / 1098 sft
3 bedroom                  85 sqm / 915 sft
 2+1 Bedroom penthouse        102 sqm / 1098 sft
2 Bedroom penthouses                110 sqm / 1184 sft
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