Bliss @ Kovan

D19 - D20 Sengkang/ AMK/ Thomson

Bliss @ Kovan



These units are available in units ranging from 3 bedroom penthouses complete with private pools to 2+study penthouses which do not have pools. No matter which unit you choose you will be able to enjoy high ceilings as well as natural materials used in many areas including natural wood and stone flooring. These units also feature manicured planters, personal Jacuzzi and tiered timber deck platforms that make it easy to get the relaxation you crave even in the middle of an urban location.

Project Overview

BLISS @ KOVAN freehold Singapore property is made up of 140 units and offers residents many advantages from the design of the unit to the location of the development itself. If you are someone who loves to stay at home, the many amenities that this development offers will make you feel like you are living at an exclusive spa or resort. The prime location that is close to shopping and other exiting retail opportunities will make this development an ideal choice for anyone who loves to get out and explore what the city has to offer.


This new launch condo is designed with many different amenities to draw you in and help you relax. This development takes a relaxing home environment to the next level with Jacuzzi or plunge pools in some units, balconies and timber deck platforms. Individuals who enjoy being close to nature will also enjoy the manicured planters which are positioned throughout this development. Business professionals will enjoy the studies that are also built into the layout of many of the units in this development.

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This development is brought to you by one of the premiere design and architecture firms in Singapore. The innovative and modern design of this development is typical of the properties that LOOK Architects has delivered in the past. For more information about this development or a brochure outlining the various layouts and configurations make sure to contact us at 6100-0035 today.

Type Unit Size Price After Disc
3 Bedroom Penthouse (Private Pool #05-21, #05-23 2,174sqft (969sqft Roof Terrace) $2.220.000
3 Bedroom Penthouse (Private Pool #05-13 2,217sqft (958sqft Roof Terrace) $2,374,000
3 Bedroom Penthouse (Private Pool #05-02 2,357sqft (1,066sqft Roof Terrace) $2,383,000
2 + Study Penthouse #05-10, #05-15 1,679sqft (969sqft Roof Terrace) $1,824,000 $1,645,420
2 + Study Penthouse #05-03, #05-11 1,765sqft (958sqft Roof Terrace) $1,918,000
2 + Study Penthouse #05-25 1,808sqft (1,066sqft Roof Terrace) $1,906,000




This new condo launch is located in District 19 and is highly accessible thanks to a number of major roadways. The development is also located near an MRT station making it possible to commute even if one does not wish to drive. There are a number of reputable schools for families with either primary or secondary school students as well. Major roadways that can be easily accessed from this development include Hougang Ave 2, the NE13 and Tampines Road.

Showflat Location

Bliss @ Kovan Floor Plan

Bliss @ Kovan is the freehold property that is particularly made to fulfill all your requirements regarding luxuries and comfort. It is the development located at Simon Lane Singapore which is considered as the finest place providing a plethora of amenities. It is the well-positioned residential property facing towards north-south that can recharge your soul and fill you with positive vibes. Every single architectural detailing is just tremendous and if you feel like owning it then be the early bird and take the pleasure of the luxurious apartment. If you are wondering how the floor plan of your acquired apartment will look like and will that be suitable for your family type or not then, have a glance on the given below table and images

Type Size Price
1 Bedroom 506-614 sqft
1 Bedroom 495-592 sqft
3 Bedroom Penthouse (Private Pool) 2,174sqft (969sqft Roof Terrace) $2.220.000
3 Bedroom Penthouse (Private Pool) 2,217sqft (958sqft Roof Terrace) $2,374,000
3 Bedroom Penthouse (Private Pool) 2,357sqft (1,066sqft Roof Terrace) $2,383,000
2 + Study Penthouse 1,679sqft (969sqft Roof Terrace) $1,824,000
2 + Study Penthouse 1,765sqft (958sqft Roof Terrace) $1,918,000
2 + Study Penthouse 1,808sqft (1,066sqft Roof Terrace) $1,906,000
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