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Brooks Signature


Singapore has definitely become one of the most desirable destination’s for visitations and for living. This is due to the fact that the city is developing at rates beyond comprehension and it provides tremendously convenient living opportunities. With this in mind, it’s definitely worth noting that it’s well worth the investment to purchase a freehold property that’s going to stay in your inheritance and go on to the next generation for decades to come. That’s why we’ve taken the liberty of presenting you with one of the most beautifully designed and impressive developments in Singapore – Brooks Signature.

Combining modernism with exotic appeal which is rather characteristic for the area, there’s nothing that you will miss from the property. It delivers everything that a potential buyer might be looking for. Even though there are 114 units in total, this isn’t the typical sky-rise. Instead, that’s a low development which focuses on providing individual housing units instead of the usual building blocks. This certainly brings quite a lot of advantages on the table.

However, it’s important to take a closer look into the specifications of the concept in order to understand the reasons for which it’s such a great investment. So, without any further ado, let’s go right ahead and take a quick look.

Project Overview

This is the latest terrace housing concept for development in Springside, Singapore. The end product is designed by combining a wide range of different architectural considerations and it is most certainly an infusion of architectural responses to the characteristic tropical surroundings as well as the manipulation of the overwhelming contemporary appeal that the city embarks on. In any case, the truth is that encapsulating all that into a housing unit is without a doubt a tremendous challenge, which has been tackled conveniently by Brooks Signature development. The main intention of the buildings is to preserve all that is necessary through some convenient implementations such as natural lighting, thermal gain as well as visual glare and many more. From these particularly initial concepts, the development brings out the facades of different manifestations in order to display a wide range of different units, all of which bring individual identities which are conveniently made in order to be visually identifiable.



It’s absolutely certain that the location is without a doubt a tremendously important part of the considerations that you need to be accounting for when purchasing a freehold tenure property. With this in mind, it’s worth noting that Brooks Signature manages to encompass the most impressive feats of the surroundings and is conveniently placed to a wide range of amenities, including recreational, lifestyle and educational.

Brooks Signature has its location at springside, one of the most quiet and serene parts of the city in Singapore which is very tranquil as well as exclusive. Not only is it close to a lot of amenities but it’s also surrounded by greens which makes it perfect for a wide range of different solutions.

Now, you need to know that the location is close to the upper and Â lower Seletar reservoirs  as well as to country clubs like the Sembawang and Orchid. Furthermore, you have quite a few different schools within a few minutes away, making the location incredibly appropriate.



Of course, you would most certainly need to be well aware of the details and specifications of the project in order to be able to make a perfectly informed decision. The estimated date of legal completion is set for the 31st of December in 2019 while the TOP date is until 31st of December in 2016. The developer is the well-known Kallang Development PTE LTD Company and the project promises 114 Inter-terrace as well as corner terrace units.

There are 3 general designs which are going to display a wide range of purposes and needs. In any case, regardless of whether you are looking for something particularly contemporary or for a home which brings in the much needed convenience, comfort and cozy, the Brooks Signature project is going to deliver the necessary sensation. This is due to the fact that it manages to conveniently encompass all of the above in the perfect blend.

The benefits of owning a freehold tenure property are unquestionable. This particular estate is going to stay in your family for decades and it’s going to be passed on from generation to generation for years to come. This makes it the perfect acquisition as well as an incredibly convenient long-term investment into the future of your kids and grand kids. Furthermore, it delivers convenient opportunities for multi-generational living with a few different floors, an abundance of bedrooms and large living spaces which are most certainly going to be more than comfortable. The courtyards are particularly convenient with the swimming pools featured in.

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Brooks Signature Floor Plan

If you are looking for the best and affordable houses in Singapore then you should not look further than Brooks Signature. The houses are well-equipped with the state of the art furniture and facilities. You will find a wide variety of houses of different sizes and types. You can pick up the most appropriate house for you, which can match your expectation and budget limit. You can contact Brooks Signature anytime if you have set your mind to buy a property here and can select the one by looking at Brooks Signature Floor Plan. All basic amenities can be easily availed by you and your family members as from restaurants to international organizations; everything is available nearby the houses offered by Brooks Signature Floor Plan. Have a glance at its floor plan below:

Type of House Type Sq. ft
Inter Terrace TW 3,681 Sq. ft
  TX 3,907 Sq. ft
  TY 3,864 Sq. ft
  TY2 4,672 Sq. ft
Corner Terrace TW1 3,541 Sq. ft.
  TW1a 3,434 Sq. ft
  TW1b 3,498 Sq. ft
  TW1c 3,724 Sq. ft
  TW1d 3,735 Sq. ft
  TW1e 3,714 Sq. ft
  TX1 3,574 Sq. ft
  TY1 3,423 Sq. ft
  TY3 4,672 Sq. ft
  TY4 4,672 Sq. ft
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