Carpmael Thirty Eight

D15 - East Coast / Marine Parade

Carpmael 38


16 residential units spread across a few different floors await at this splendid residential development in the 15th District of Singapore.

With a TOP date of 2020, the Carpmael 38 is one of the most sought after and interesting residential developments in the city. It has 16 residential units of 2 bedroom dual keys to 4 bedroom apartments and it is a freehold ownership. The prestigious address is 30 Carpmael Road.

Now, starting off, there is a tremendous interest towards residential units in Singapore and, as such, LWH Carpmael Pte Ltd. Intends to capture it and encapsulate it in what seems to be one of the most impressive residential developments in the citz.

This is a scope of excellent qualitz as well as tremendouslz pleasant homes which are shletered in a great environment for business anre productivitz. If zou are seeking for something that would enable you to indulge your senses in something truly amazing, this is the place to be. This is the perfect value for your cash and it is an investment worth doing.

This is a development which is indeed paying its prices. It boasts splendid space distribution as well as admirable designs and gorgeous interiors. There are quite a lot of different things that you could be bragging with when it comes to this particular luxurious property. It is being developed by one of the reliable companies and it is as credible as it can get.

Project Overview

When it comes to the development itself, Carpmael Thirty Eight is quite extraordinary. You’d have the chance to face the Carpmael or the Haig Road. It is rather extraordinary as there are different types of convenience and transportation options to navigate around the city in a rather easy and well-established manner. Communications are awesome.

Now, when it comes to the amenities, the Carpmael 38 is entirely fortified with a swimming pool, tennis court as well as a proper playground to make sure that residents are kept busy when they are enjoying their everyday lifestyle. The developer has managed to map out the entire thing without a shred of doubt.


Now, the development is set to launch with 16 residential units only. This means that each and every one who lives at the place would be capable of enjoying his own solitude and relaxed atmosphere, which represents the finest art of fine living.

Future residents are going to have the choice between 1 to 3 bedroom units as well as some dual key solutions.

The amenities are truly remarkable with nothing to object against. There is a swimming pool, tennis court as well as a perfect playground for the little ones. The developer has managed to plan out the use of the plot perfectly, making sure that it is spacious enough yet green to induce a calm and relaxed living atmosphere.



Obviously, the location is one of the most important things that you would have to keep in mind when it comes to this particular investment. When you are planning to purchase a property to live in, you need to ensure that it is well communicated and that it is perfectly well developed – this is something quite critical.

It has one of the most strategic locations in the prestigious 15th District of Singapore. It is alongside Carpmael Road and Haig Road and it is a few minutes’ drive away from the Eunos MRT Station as well as the PayaLebar MRT Station. These would allow easy communication throughout the entire city.

The New Launch condo is packed with amenities which are located very near to the residential development. There are shopping malls, schools, hospitals and pretty much everything you might actually need to ensure that you are living in one of the best places.

Residents would be able to indulge in a range of different activities, each one of which better than the other – this is something quite important. It is one of the best options for families and for kids as it is close to numerous child care services. There are reliable schools and institutes nearby that you can count on.

All in all, the Carpmael 38 represents the finest of living when it comes to investments. It is a suited solution for both families and business oriented people. However, the ultimate value in this development lays in the fact that it is perfectly symbiont with the vibrancy of the region and it manages to capture the overall lush experience of living there. Through combining luxurious suites and perfectly good plot ratio, the site represents everything that you could ask for in a modern day city such as Singapore. This is what’s important and it’s one of the most critical things that you ought to take into account.

Showflat Location

Carpmael Thirty Eight Floor Plan

Carpmael Thirty Eight is the finest residential development which is admirably designed to cater all your family needs regarding luxuries and comfort. Owning such a gorgeous interior development is indeed the perfect value for your money. It is an impressive freehold property located at 38 Carpmael road in Singapore. If you are interested in living a truly unique lifestyle with completed elegance, then it is the one-stop destination for you. Owning such a tremendous property is just worth and if you are wondering what kind of floor plan will be the most suitable for your family type then, have a glance on the below given table and images.

Unit Type No. of Bedroom Area in square meter (approx.) Area in square feet (approx.) No. of Units
A1 2 BR DK 67 721 2
B1 3 BR 100 1076 4
B2G 3 BR 102 1098 1
B3 3 BR PH 118 1270 1
C1 3+ Study 109 1173 4
D1 4BR 117 1259 4
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