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FIVENINE Development in Singapore


Singapore is one of the most rapidly developing city states in the entire world and it is important to understand that this creates a tremendous demand for housing. More and more people are coming to the city seeking employment opportunities, furthering their careers in top 500 companies in the entire world. With a massive influx of expats, the city is expanding quicker than anyone could imagine.

With this said, the residential market is blooming. However, there are different types of options that you could go for when it comes to fine living. You could opt in for a massive condo where you’d be sharing the space with hundreds, if not thousands of people or you could choose the alternative – small residential new launch developments such as the FIVENINE.

This is a new and incoming development for sale by one of the reliable companies and it sets to provide 15 residential units to its future investors. The TOP date is set in 2020 and it is located in the 15th District of the city. This is quite substantial as it is one of the vibrant and preferred districts in Singapore. The exact address is 59 GeylangLor 7.

Project Overview

The entire construction development is resolved in a few different storeys spread in 2 blocks. There are 1, 2 and 3-bedroom apartments with the largest ones amounting to about 1,000 square feet. This is something that you should account for, even though the developer has disclosed that the sizes are subjected to change. This means that there are going to be 7 and 8 units in a block which gives you plenty of breathing room.

The plan is to have 1 car park lot entitled to 1 unit – this is quite convenient.


For once, this is a boutique development offered in a freehold structure, providing you with massive return on your investment. It is eligible for foreigners which makes it awesome for the upcoming influx of expats from Europe.

At the same time, this is one of the greatest sites to raise your children. The Kong Hwa School is about 1 km away and the development is close to other renowned educational facilities as well. This makes it a perfect investment opportunity for people who want to combine their career with the successful upbringing of their child.

The entire thing is about a minute walk away from the Katong, Singapore Sports Hub as well as the Old Airport’s food Center and different shopping malls. It is also quite close to the Paya Lebar Commercial Hub – this is something which would provide you with everything you may need in terms of shopping necessities.

You can also catch the MRT stations at Dakota, Paya Lebar, Aljunied and Mountbatten as the development is very close to them as well. This is something that you ought to keep in mind. The entire thing provides splendid communication capabilities which is definitely something that you should account for.

About the Developer

The construction is being led by Macly Group. This is a real estate developer which is based in the city of Singapore and it has successfully completed a range of different residential units. The group has had a rather reliable reputation for making sure that everything is handled as per the highest industry standards. All of their buildings are compliant and are designated to ensure that you will receive a property which is absolutely perfect.

With this said, it is also important to note that the freehold development deals structured by the company provide a rather affordable alternative to those who want to invest in their own home. The prices are affordable and you get something for life unlike the majority of the leasehold agreements which are structured across the board.

So, having said all that, it is obvious that the FIVENINE will represent some of the finest developments in the city. It takes a different approach and it centers towards providing solitude and relaxation instead of the burden of living in a huge condominium. This is something that people who are trying to combine their careers with the calmness required for upbringing a child.



FIVENINE, the development is located in one of the best districts for living in Singapore and you are in close proximity to almost everything you might ever need. Transportation is not going to be a hassle and the fact that you will also get a parking spot per unit is something that you must most certainly appreciate. This is something that you should definitely keep in mind when it comes to it.

It combines perfect location with a great architectural designs and merit to the development which would cater to the most serious demands.

Showflat Location

FiveNine Floor Plan

FiveNine is located at the prime location that offers the top-notch facilities and amenities to its residents. With the proper floor plan designed to meet the requirements of the people, it offers maximum space as well as room, not only to keep the people’s requirements but allow people’s comfort as well. Moreover, the agents ensure that everything is offered at the nominal prices, a property that is worth people money as well as time. Investing in one’s property is not a one-time deal, the agents not only understands this but makes it a point to present everything they need in their perfect home as well as locality. The property is designed in a way that offers maximum luxury at affordable prices.

Type No. of bedrooms No. of Units Area
A1 3 Bedrooms 8 98 1055
A2 3 Bedrooms 4 98 1055
B 3 Bedrooms 1 120 1292
C1 3 Bedrooms 1 121 1302
C2 3 Bedrooms 1 120 1292
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1055 Sq ft
1055 Sq ft
1292 Sq ft
1302 Sqft

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