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If you are looking for a way to expand your business by finding a freehold industrial property in a highly sought after district you need to look more closely at what Mapex marymount can offer you. This Singapore property is a B1 light industrial zoned complex offering many different benefits and advantages to the companies who have purchased space. It is a multiple-storey building with many different features that will make it very appealing to individuals who are engaged in light industrial enterprises.

This new launch industrial property is located at the Marymount MRT station which will make it easy for employees to get to this facility. Alternately, if you are producing items and need to ship them via other transportation methods you will be able to do so using roadways such as Marymount Road, Upper Thomson Road and Braddell Road. It is also positioned close to eateries and other retail establishments which may be helpful depending on the nature of your company’s business.

Project Overview

The building is made up of 8 storeys that are divided into a number of different units. The exterior of the building has a striking, modern appearance. The interior has high ceilings and there are no voids or air spaces in the construction. Units ranging from 1,636 square feet to 1,959 square feet are available. There are both flattened units and those that are ramp-up as well. The interior layout is column-free and the layouts are somewhat squarish as well, making them fantastic for manufacturing purposes. There are also ramps that provide direct, drive-up access to units, even those that are on the upper floors.


This building offers many features that will appeal to individuals who are engaged in manufacturing. There are 130 production units of varying sizes and a canteen unit is also available which makes it easy for workers to grab meals while they are working. In order to access different units there are 3 passenger lifts while cargo can be moved up and down via one of the 2 cargo lifts that are incorporated into the new launch condo’s design.

Units Distribution


Units Breakdown



Floor Live Loading

Basement 1 1 Canteen1 Production Unit 3,875sqft (Canteen)1,679sqft (Production)


Canteen and Production Unit:7.5kn/m2
1stStorey 16 Production Units 1,679sqft to 1,744sqft


Production Unit:10.0kn/m2
2ndto 3rd Storey 16 Production Units per Storey (Ramp-up) 1,679sqft to 1,959sqft


Production Unit:7.5kn/m2
4thto 6thStorey 15 Production Units per Storey (Ramp-up) 1,679sqft to 1,959sqft


Production Unit:7.5kn/m2
7thStorey 18 Production Units 1,679sqft to 1,959sqft


Production Unit:7.5kn/m2
8thStorey 18 Production Units 1,679sqft to 1,959sqft


Production Unit:7.5kn/m2

Developer Sales Price

LEVEL 1 1690sqft – 1733sqft Price Upon Request
LEVEL 3 1636sqft – 1851sqft Price Upon Request
LEVEL 4 1636sqft – 1647sqft Price Upon Request
LEVEL 6 1658sqft (Last Unit!) Price Upon Request
BASEMENT 1 + Canteen 1679sqft + 3875sqft Price Upon Request



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DEVELOPER: Sarafield Investments Pte Ltd
If you think that this property may be of interest to you as a base for your business operations be sure to speak with an estate agent about buying in. The freehold terms and the desirable location will make this unit sell out quickly so it is in your best interests to find out more at your earliest convenience.

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Showflat Location

Mapex Floor Plan

The building of Mapexa Marymount comprises eight storeys and all of them are divided into several different units. Building’s exterior is full of modern and astounding appearances. And the interior contains high altitude ceilings and there are zero air spaces or voids in its construction. The units of the development range from 1,636 Sqft to 1,959 Sqft and these units are of two types flattened as well as ramp-up. The interior layouts of Mapexa Marymount are column-free with being in square somehow. This makes them fabulous on manufacturing purposes. The property consist ramps that are liable to provide drive-up and direct access to the units, even to those that are not on the upper floors.

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