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One Balmoral


There are quite a few of upcoming developments in Singapore throughout the next few years and that’s something that shouldn’t really come as a surprise. In fact, the city has managed to undergo such a major overhaul in terms of luxurious residential properties that it’s definitely not surprising that the trend keeps going this way. However, there are quite a few things that need to be taken into account.

Singapore is one of the most quickly advancing cities on the face of the earth right now and this is causing its population to grow with rapid paste. The first thing that you need to understand is that the city is the perfect example of how beneficial it could be if Government and private corporations worked hand in hand. The land that the majority of residential buildings are being constructed on is property of the state which auctions it to the highest bidder, hence filling up the budget and providing companies with means to make profits.

This, of course, also puts certain pressure on price formation and the property market in Singapore is without a doubt unlike any other. The prices are steep but the quality in unquestionable. So, let’s walk through the things that you want to consider when talking about One Balmoral – one of the newest developments.

Project Overview

Starting off with the really important things, One Balmoral development intends on constructing two different building blocks of residential units, boasting a total of 91 highly distinguished and exquisite residential units. The development is brought forward by the reputable and reliable company Hong Leong and it is convenient located in the prestigious District 9 of Singapore. Furthermore, the type of tenure is freehold which is preferable and more beneficial than the overly common 99-years leasehold. The TOP Date was in 2016.

Now, these are, of course, specifications that any potential home owner should be very well aware of. However, these are far from being the most important things that you need to consider. With this in mind, there are two other things which are particularly important when you go ahead and purchase a property and these are the location and the types of the amenities and facilities. With the bar being set so high already, it seems as if there is nothing that could actually surprise us, but let’s check it out.

This is where things get rather beautiful. One Balmoral offers an abundance of interesting amenities which is definitely one of the most impressive feats of the development. It’s going to provide you with everything that you may need in terms of functionality and relaxation, which is without a doubt what the majority of people look for in a development.

The condominium launch is specifically targeted towards mid to upper-class families with children as there are quite a few things that are going to make sure that your kid doesn’t stay bored, including children pool, children-oriented outside facilities as well as a perfectly well-equipped children’s playground. With this in mind, your hassle of entertaining the kids is definitely over.

Furthermore, there is a full sized swimming pool, lounges, reading rooms, cabanas, BBQ areas, leisure areas and functional spaces scattered throughout the entire land lot – something which brings a tremendous amount of convenience.

In any case, the condo launch offers everything that you might wish for in terms of functionality, comfort, convenience as well as infrastructural connectivity, hence providing you with all that you might ask for.

The One Balmoral development is to be considered as one of the most promising ones in District 9 of Singapore and it’s definitely a splendid creation. There are numerous types of residential units which is perfect for all sorts of families. The entire development is conveyed in a way to accommodate different interests and it’s splendid in terms of in-house amenities and relaxation capabilities – something that’s incredibly important when it comes to living in Singapore as the city offers quite the challenging lifestyle. This is something particularly critical and one that the launch manages to handle perfectly.






The location of One Balmoral is without a doubt impressive. It is structured in a separate and surrounded land lot, providing ultimate serenity and relaxation opportunities. It’s right there on the corner between Balmoral Road and Balmoral Parkway, conveniently located at a short distance of a lot of different amenities and facilities.

This is something very important. Everything that you might need is conveniently located close by so that there is no shortage of shopping facilities and all sorts of things that you might find necessary. What is more, the location is very strategic as it is taking full use of the transportation infrastructure of the city – something highly cherished by a lot of homeowners in Singapore.

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Showflat Location

One Balmoral Floor Plan

One Balmoral is located in District 9 of Singapore. The tenure is freehold. It has got 91 exquisite and highly distinguished residential units. The development of One Balmoral is brought forward by reliable and reputable company Hong Leong. One Balmoral is surrounded by a wide range of amenities like cabanas, BBQ area, functional spaces, swimming pool, lounges and many more. If you are searching for the condominium that offers you infrastructural connectivity, functionality, convenience and comfort, then One Balmoral Development is the right place for you.

                      Type                   Area
1 Bedroom Type(1) a 55 sqm
2 Bedroom  Type (2) a 90 sqm
2 Bedroom Type (2) a1 110 sqm
3 Bedroom Type (3) a 132 sqm
3 Bedroom Type (3) b 131 sqm
3 Bedroom Roof Terrace Type (3) a2 207 sqm
3 Bedroom Roof Terrace Type (3) c2 215 sqm
4 Bedroom Type(4) a 154 sqm
4 Bedroom Type (4) a1 195 sqm
4 Bedroom Roof Terrace Type(4) a2 250 sqm
4 Bedroom Roof Terrace Type(4) b2 213 sqm
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