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Living on the river is a dream that many Singapore residents have. Now there is a stunning new launch condo development that will allow you to do just that. Royal Wharf London is located on the waterside and offers residents spectacular views of the surrounding area. This massive new launch condo development is made up of 3,385 units of varying sizes and is packed with many different amenities that will appeal to the most discerning buyer. There are also shops, supermarkets and other commercial venues located in this development as well making it easy to complete all of your daily tasks without straying far from home.

Project Overview

This new condo launch development will truly be a small city in and of itself. It is located on the River Thames in England but is booking in Singapore. There is an excellent infrastructure in this area as well making it easy to access the rest of London via rail, bus or car. It is close to commercial space, schools, shops, bars, eateries and many other attractions. There are DLR stations close at hand and a future Cross Rail connection that has been planned as well. Because of this it offers great rental potential as well for both domestic and foreign investment.

Architecture and Design
This development is being created in order to revitalize London’s historic docklands area so this is a new condo launch development that is very historically rich. The development is planned to include landscaped areas, a riverside walkway, parks and squares that will be scattered throughout the development. Sizes of the units range from 1 bedroom to 3 bedroom and there are a variety of different unit types to choose from. The units all have high ceilings and the townhouses have private gardens for a more traditional home environment.



There are many different amenities that residents can use. There are a number of pools scattered throughout the grounds. Residents can swim, spend time wading in the water, relaxing in spa pools or get a workout swimming laps. There is a gym, an outdoor fitness area, a tennis court and other fitness facilities that will make the most active residents happy. There are also communal outdoor facilities that will make it easy to entertain even if you do not want to do so in your home. Some units also have dual key functionality making them highly suitable as rental units.

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This development is booking in Singapore although it is located in London, England. If you are interested in this development it is essential that you speak with our estate agents in order to find out how you can be a part of this exciting property development.

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Showflat Location

Royal Wharf London Floor Plan

Royal Wharf London is one of the best condominiums in London. If you are in search of an affordable house in the noble locations of London, then you should not look further than Royal Wharf London. All the houses offered by Royal Wharf London are equipped with state of the art furniture. Most of the successful construction establishments in London are accomplished by Royal Wharf London. The highly efficient and experienced builders of Royal Wharf London are always at your disposal to provide highest-quality construction services. All houses provided by Royal Wharf London are durable, fragile and beautiful, no matter what is the season, if it is raining or snow fall, it cannot damage the unbreakable shield around the house.

Type Size Internal Area Living Area Balcony
1 Bedroom 3730*3400 mm 57.8 sqm 5730*6740 mm 10.5 sqm
2 Bedroom 3680*3630 mm 78.4 sqm 7330*3880 mm 19.4 sqm
3 Bedroom 3030*5260 mm 112.2 sqm 6400*8220 mm 8.4 sqm
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