Shines @ Tuas

11 Tuas South Link 1

Shines @ Tuas


This is a large, 174 units and an industrial canteen unit which offers 30 years leaseholds.

The�Shine @Tuas�represents the most contemporary advances in the world of real estate developments. Combining appropriate units alongside commercial units, the property promises to be one of the most successful ones in Singapore. It is developed by a company called Beacon Properties Pte. Ltd and it is designated to be sold as 30 years leaseholds. The investment has started in January back in 2015 and they are getting sold out quicker than you know.

It is located on 11 South Tuas Link 1 and it�s District 22 of the city of Singapore. This is a convenient development which has quite a lot to offer.

The truth is that there is a lot of merit into constructing developments which combines splendid commercial capabilities with large shopping spaces and a lot of room to develop your business. The entire thing is resolved in a few different storeys, each one of which offering a tremendous availability of different spaces, geared to serve a range of different small to large businesses.

Project Overview

As we mentioned above, this is a development which is geared towards taking the risk of housing your business in the next 30 years. The deals are structured as a 30 years leaseholds from the January of 2015 and there has already been substantial interest towards the site. This is something that you want to keep in mind.

In other words � this is�the perfect solution for people�who want to take out the risk of renting for the foreseeable future. What is more, this is also something that you should definitely consider as the distribution of the commercial spaces within the building itself is tremendously convenient. The entire thing is resolved in 6 different storeys, each one of which has various commercial spaces in order to cater to the requirements of the people who are using it as well as those touring it. The building is very convenient and it offers tremendously easy communication and navigation within it. There is no chance of getting confused, which is one of the most important things for a commercial real estate investment.


This is a development that you could easily use as an investment opportunity. Real estate investment has always been tremendously opportunistic and lucrative. If you have capital that you have to allocate, investing in a 30 years leasehold and renting it out definitely seems like a splendid idea.

It has a very strategic industrial location which makes it one of the best options for companies who deal with the export and import of cargo and goods. It is equipped with everything needed to ensure perfect inner transportation, access and communication which are pretty much the pillars of industrial investment.

You need to understand that the Shines &Tuas is also being under development and constructed by one of the most reliable companies out there. Beacon Properties Pte Ltd is one of the most reliable companies in the field and reliability and security is what they deliver. The upcoming development is likely to be finished without any delays which is pretty impressive for a massive building of that kind.



Located in the industrial 22nd district of one of the most rapidly developing cities in the world, Singapore�s Shine @ Tuas is undeniably one of the best bets to place if you are in the industrial sector and are looking for a real estate investment.

The interest towards it has been truly substantial and this is something that you ought to account for. The development is amongst the most reliable ones and there are almost no risks associated with your investment. This is indicated by the convenient structure agreements and the progress being made on this regard. This is something that you should definitely keep in mind when it comes to it and you should most certainly account for the fact that everything is handled as per the highest standards.

All in all, you need to be aware of the fact that this is one of the upcoming commercial developments which has a tremendous merit to it. This is definitely one of the things that need to be considered when making a purchase decision of the kind. The site is compliant to all the necessary regulatory provisions and it is one of the best investment opportunities in Singapore if you are looking for a steady asset allocation. It is a great portfolio product for your investment and it�s undoubtedly representing a tremendous opportunity in this field � this is something that you should keep in mind when it comes to it.

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Shine@Tuas Floor Plan

Shine@Tuas is one of the tremendous developments among Singaporean properties comprised with 174 units along with industrial canteen offering 30 year leasehold. The property offers the most contemporary options and advances of all the real estate developments. Shine@Tuas combines the appropriate number of units alongside the commercial units and property is liable to be one among the most successful developments in Singapore. Shine@Tuas offers large spaces for shopping combining all sorts of splendid capabilities of commercial purposes. Entire building is resolved in few storeys and each one of them differs with spaces and are geared for serving a range of small as well as big enterprises.

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